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If your are like me you like to do a lot of research online before making a purchase or enrolling in an education program, that is exactly why I am doing this ForexSuccessfulTraders Review.

I searched all over the internet to find a third party review, and aside from the many positive testimonies, I could not  find anything other information from previous students…

You may have heard of FxST or ForexSuccessfulTraders and are wondering is the training program is worth it and whether or not it would be a good fit for you to take part in.

In this ForexSuccessfulTraders Review I will go over some of the benefits of the FxST Trading System and some of the things that I had hesitations about. I was looking to make and informed decision when I enrolled so I hope to help others make the right decision if this Forex Trading School is right for you.

I’ll start by saying that ForexSuccessfulTraders has an incredible reputation with their students. I found a few students on Facebook and asked for their personal opinions on the trading system and I got very good feedback from all of them.

From my personal experience researching Forex trading Education and various trading systems, it seems that traders that have been burned by systems get very vocal about it on the various forums or social websites. To date I have yet to find any negative ForexSuccessfulTraders Reviews.

After being with the program for awhile here are some pros and cons.


- The FxPM Software is absolutely amazing when it comes to seeing market activity, and more importantly it gives you the information you need to make easy trading decisions.

- The course curriculum is very extensive, their one year program gives traders plenty of time to learn the skills and develop confidence to truly turn Forex trading into a business.

- FxST provides you with a very detailed business plan that gives you very realistic trading goals and helps you track all your trading activity so a personal trading coach can analyze your activity and give you feedback on your results.

- The trading coaches are always available and very willing to do one-on-one sessions if you need help. They really do make sure that student is progressing and give great education support.

- The online membership area and course curriculum is very organized and well thought out. It takes you through step by step everything from the strategies, software, position management, trading psychology, and a whole lot more… Its all there!

- The biggest and most valuable thing that I have never found with any other forex course or software is a repeatable process that is easy to follow. This system gives you very clear rules to follow and lays out a blueprint for you to start trading consistently without all the typical trading emotions.

- Because I work a normal job as well I do not participate in the live online trading room. at first I thought this would have a major negative impact. However with the online training membership, personal coaching calls and 600+ trade examples they have online I have had no problem learning this on my own from home.


-The one year program is not cheap. Some people my have a hard time paying for, or justifying the cost of the course. However, I personally gave more than $5,000 to the market in losses before I looked for a mentor, so if I had it to do over again I wished I started with my education even if it meant spending $5,000 or even $10,000 its worth it if you plan on consistently making money in the long term.

- You cant expect to get rich over night. They teach a very consistent style of trading that is a skill and takes a little time to develop. However, once you have it mastered it can be very rewarding!

Overall I have really enjoyed my time with ForexSuccessfulTraders, their program has changed my life for the better and if your serious about trading forex definitely consider FxST.

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4 thoughts on “ForexSuccessfulTraders Review

  1. Martin k says:

    Great review… been with these guys for awhile now, although I was skeptical at first because of the short term trading methods they used I just didnt see how it was possible to make money… but after my first month all those doubts went away… I’m convinced that is the way to go now and my trading account would agree as well :-)

    Cheers and happy trading!

  2. Andrew says:

    Firstly your website should be number 1 in google for the search term “fxpm review”, as its the most relevant, but since google sucks they put you middle page 2.

    How much does the course cost? im not that interested in a whole course, i just want to learn how the Fxpm software works.

    • Sean B says:

      Hey Andrew, glad you found me… I’m not real sure how google does their ranking but I guess over time people will find this review easier.

      The course cost can vary from what i understand, I personally paid $5500 and got all the training, seminar, personal coaching, live training, etc… But when I compare this expense to my college tuition its NOTHING and I’ve made way more money trading than my college degree will ever provide.

      Even if you go with just a software licence its way better than anything I’ve tried in the past but there is a little learning curve, I think the training just speeds that up and provides a good structured process.

      good luck, either decision you make will be a good one im sure!


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